Neighborhood Thrift sells its goods from people like you or donate! All of our merchandise that is sold is given to us with the hopes to steward it the best way possible! We do this by taking your donation and cleaning/refurbishing it if necessary and then getting it on the store floor as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Need a Pick-up?

Need help with getting your donation to our store? We would be more than happy to come out and pick it up.

1)  Feel free to call 559.498.0708 and schedule a pickup or  FILL OUT OUR ONLINE FORM! 

2) Please call or put in the online request several days prior to when you need items picked up.

3) We primarily pickup in Fresno, Clovis and Madera. If you live outside of those cities please call us to see if we can make it to your area of the Central Valley. 

Neighborhood Thrift accepts donations at our store!

1) The Neighborhood Thrift Store Location: 353 E Olive, Fresno CA 93728.  Donation accepted at our roll up door  located on the backside of the store Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Saturday 9am-5pm. Please ring bell for assistance.  Thanks! 

Items that Neighborhood Thrift Accepts:

  • Furniture in excellent to decent condition

  • Clothing (new, gently used, ripped, stained, etc..)**

  • Household Items (linens, paintings, knick-knack items and decorations)

  • Books, records, CDs, movies, etc...

  • Electronics (TVs, computers, etc... working or not working)**

  • Appliances ( in working condition)

  • **We recycle clothing and E-Waste

We do not Accept:

  • Severely stained, damaged, or ripped mattresses, couches or other furniture items.

  • Car seats and cribs with a drop side (moving rail).

  • When our drivers have capacity they may offer to dump a damaged item for a disposal fee.


*Neighborhood Thrift is a 501(c)(3) thus we can give a tax donation receipt upon request.